For people in a relationship; Thanksgiving can be a real deal breaker. Oh, it's not the day itself that makes a holiday like Thanksgiving a hard time for couples. The real problem lies in all that visiting and those family dinners. Arguments have started about everything under the sun. A lot of arguments start over the adherence to family traditions. People are very protective of those old traditions and when you go messing with the way mom and dad did it, you can end up in a pretty bad clash.

I don't have any stats on the number of divorces that get their start somewhere around the holidays, but I'd be willing to bet that its a pretty large number. It seems that folks will fight about just about everything during the holidays, Here a few stats about Americans and Thanksgiving

1. White or Dark -- According to the poll, 57% of women prefer white mean and 51% of men like the dark meat.

2. Kids Table - Nearly half of families will have a kid's table. Nearly a third of those kids tables will be occupied  by one poor adult who got stuck sitting at the kid's table.

3.About 12% of people plan to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving and celebrate the day with friends. They call it "Friendsgiving." Why does everything ha ve to have a name?

4. Here's kind of a sad little stat - About 8% of people plan to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. I guess it depends on the type of restaurant, but the thought of turkey and dressing at Denny's just doesn't sound that great

5. Talking Points - One thing about Thanksgiving is the conversations that go around the table.This year, just over 25% of the people surveyed said that the subjects of politics and the election should be off limits.

Here, from PR Newswire is an excellent article on conversations to avoid during Thanksgiving. Good luck getting people to stick to the rules!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and don't talk politics!