(Above) These invaders were going to take over our camp, but when they found out that we had a keg of Guinness and were in the process of making a gargantuan pot of chicken gumbo, they became quite peaceful!


I haven't been camping in ages, but when my friends at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub and Celtic Nations decided we not only needed to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival but to camp out there, how could I say "no?'


(Above) Some people attend in costume . The folks above just wore their every day clothes.

TRF has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several year and I would guess that there must have been 20,000 people there this past Sunday. The great part of the whole experience was that, despite the huge number of people, we didn't see one single incident of things getting out of hand.Don't get me wrong, everyone in the camping area was there to have a party, but it was very peaceful. Loud, but peaceful.

(Above) We saw some exceptional musicians. The group above is called "Wine and Alchemy"  Incredible musicians! How can you not like a band that has that much talent and a belly dancer for a leader?

(Above) Speaking of talented musicians, here is our friend Abby Green. She plays at MacFarlane's from time to time and it was nice to catch up with her at RenFest!


The whole atmosphere of RenFest is wonderful. For the most part, you feel that you have truly left the present time and gone back.

How can you beat a great atmosphere, fun and fun food?

If you've never been to TRF, I highly suggest you go. Camping there really adds to the experience, but just going for a single day is a blast!

The Texas Renaissance Festival runs thru November 25th. Here is a link that has everything you need to know! TRF