I've read and watched so many takes on the tragedy in Paris, and I'm at the end of my rope with the hopeless take on that event put forth by people who claim that it all happened because the "right" is talking bad about these heartless, soulless murderers.

According to some of the Tweets and Facebook posts I've read today, we can't expect the attacks to stop until we stop referring to the people who perpetrate this attacks as "terrorist" and "extremist." I can't believe that any thinking person could take a look at the track record of ISIS and their trail of terror and slaughter and try to tell me that they foist these outrages on the world because they are thin-skinned about being called names.

I've read a handful of articles today that shamelessly shake their finger at France and declare they had it coming since they won't stop calling those murderers what they really are. You've got to have your head planted firmly in your backside to think that ISIS, or any other extreme terrorist group gives one good hang about what they're called. Look, their goal is not to have people refer to them in politically correct terms. Like it or not, their goal is to convert, violently if necessary, everyone on earth to their way of thinking.

To think ISIS or Al-Qaeda wants anything other than flat out world domination is to completely misunderstand their intent. These people are not fighting for equal rights, understanding or acceptance. They are, in fact, fighting against your rights. They want me, you and everyone else to adopt their beliefs and, baby, they mean on pain of death.

Pardon my rant, but I'm just tired of seeing victims of terrorism get blamed for what happens to them. A lot of that kind of crap came out shortly after 9/11. It wasn't true then and it's not true now. If you think these nuts can be controlled by understanding, be my guest and go talk to them. Tell them how you understand what a rotten deal they're getting from the world and that you're on their side. There is a caveat that goes with that. Be prepared to join them or die. They don't really care if you just want to try and understand them.