Parts of Louisiana are just now beginning to dry out as flood waters from record rainfall have slowly receded. For many the clean up process is still in the beginning stages. Many homeowners are sifting through damaged items deciding what can be salvaged and what must be disposed of.

While many victims of the flood are taking stock of the belongings that go inside their home. Louisiana's Agriculture and Forestry Commission Secretary, Dr. Mike Strain, is reminding homeowners to not forget about examining the home itself.

Dr. Strain reminds homeowners that high water and flooding can often breakdown the termite barrier that many homeowners have in place. He says it doesn't take a whole lot of water to serve as an invitation to these treacherous pests to invade your home.

If your home has flooded and the waters recede, contact your termite control company. If flood waters have gotten over the top of the soil, it can wash and dilute that termite barrier out.

Termite damage across the state runs into the millions of dollars every year. Insurance providers are very particular about what they will and what they won't cover in regards to an infestation of termites. It is up to the homeowner to have a termite bond and to verify that the treatment is in place.

Dr. Strain reminds you to check other wooden structures on your property, perhaps a storage shed or outdoor kitchen for termites. There is also a danger of termites infesting downed trees on your property.

You have to be very careful moving wood that’s been underwater because it could be infested with termites and you don’t want to bring that next to your home and transmit that to your home.

Home owners who have encountered infected wood need to have the wood burned on site if local restrictions permit. Or the wood should be taken to an approved landfill for proper disposal.

Commissioner Strain reminds homeowners that the first few weeks after a flood event there might actually be a decrease in termite activity. The bad news is that the termites that remind tend to be even more difficult to eradicate. The bottom line is this. If you've experienced flood damage in or around your home it's probably a safe bet to call your termite professional and have them come assess your situation.