February 26th is "Tell a Fairy Tale Day" so I thought it might be fun to look at the Fairy Tales we all grew up listening to and loving. 
Most of our favorite Fairy Tales were originally written over a hundred years ago and have simply been copied, reproduced and passed down from one generation to another. Have we made sure our kids have heard these great tales as well? 
Did you know that Cinderella can actually be traced back to the late 1600's?  Or that Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote "The Little Mermaid", "The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Snow Queen" and many, many more fairy tales, actually lived in the 1800's?

Brother's Grimm, who were literally 2 brothers that also lived back in the 1800's, wrote the beloved fairy tales like "Rapunzel", "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", Hansel & Gretel", just to name a few.  These are the stories that we all grew up hearing and reading.  And, they are the fairy tales we celebrate and cherish today.  It's our job to make sure the heritage continues by allowing these beloved stories to continue on to the next generation.  


So, grab your copy of A Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales, share a bit of history, and Tell a Fairy Tale today!