There's an old joke about two guys who are out fishing. Bob's hand begins to shake and Tom says, "Why is your hand shaking like that? Bob answers, "Well, I had a cell phone installed in my hand and it shakes when I get a call". Bob talks to his wife in his "Hand phone" for a moment, snaps his fingers and the phone hangs up. Tom says, "That is amazing I had no idea such technology existed". A few moments later Bob doubles over in pain and shouts. Tom say's "What's wrong? Are you in pain?" Bob replies...

"No, I'm just getting a fax".  That joke may be about to come true!

From the NY Daily News:

If you think cell phones are invasive now, just wait — Nokia has patented a tattoo that vibrates when someone calls or texts you.

The tattoo would be made of ferromagnetic ink and would be able to detect a magnetic field generated by your phone in order to "transfer a perceivable stimulus to the skin," according to the U.S. patent filing, which was first brought to light by the Unwired View news site.

Just as you can assign different ringtones to different contacts in your address book, this device can vibrate differently based on who's calling, or whether you're getting a text, email or news alert, according to the documents.

It can even warn you when your phone’s battery is about to die.

Not ready to commit to a phone tattoo? Nokia's patent also allows for a stick-on version, for those who don't want technology literally getting under their skin.