If you go down on one knee to celebrate, you can't call it "Tebowing" or you owe Tim a royality! Can I call it "Tim-ing?"

A management and consulting firm representing New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow has filed a claim to trademark the term “Tebowing.” The claim, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office after the firm XV Enterprises successfully blocked an attempt to trademark the term by a New York fan who used his website, tebowing.com, to sell apparel featuring the term. The Patent and Trademark office published the trademark October 9th, listing XV Enterprises, which has Tebow as its sole shareholder and owner. Those seeking to oppose the registration must do so within 30 days. If there is no opposition, or the opposition is deemed unsubstantiated by the trademark office, XV Enterprises will be given ownership of “Tebowing.”