The governor likes it, the House likes it...teachers..not so much.

When Bobby Jindal ran for governor, one of his main platforms was education, and that’s fine. It seems that what he’s done about education has started a maelstrom of controversy to the point of teachers and others petitioning for a recall...What are the odds of that happening?

Okay, so the odds of a recall of the governor are slim to none. The petition to recall is more of an attention getting action than one of governmental change.

Schools were closed in Calcasieu Parish today because of an expected high absentee rate. Not among students but among teachers. the reason is not some new flu bug going around but because the teachers are all gathering at he State capitol for a rally to protest the new education reform and to call for Jindal’s head on a ballot.
The teachers have also named house speaker Chuck Kleckly in that recall petition.

It’s not that teachers don’t want education reform. Most teachers are all for anyting that will improve the education system in the state, it’s the method of reform where teachers part ways with the governor.

Many of the teachers feel that the main problem is one of assigned accountability. They feel that the governors new standards puts more accountability on the shoulders of the educators and not enough on the shoulders of parents and students. The notion that parents should be more accountable is not a new one, but it certainly holds water.
One of the biggest complaints teachers have is that even when parents are notified of a problem, many of them do not get personally involved in their child’s education. A frustrating situation at best.

It will be interesting to see if mass numbers of teachers in Baton Rouge can inspire creative dialogue between the parties on this super hot issue...Rest assured..there will be more on this story!