We all know that desperate times often require desperate measures, but WHY would Louisiana have put extra burdens on non-profits?

The state of Louisiana recently sent out a letter informing non-profit entities that there will be a 5% sales tax for religious, charitable, and non-profits, as well as educational groups through June 30. These taxes will include ticket admission, parking, and sales at fundraisers.

Now what part of fundraising or non-profits entities do I not understand? It has always been my understanding that these were put on in order to help someone else. For instance, the Girl Scouts sell cookies so they can keep being Girl Scouts. Churches open their doors so folks can hear compelling messages about spiritual issues, changing lives, love, respect, character building and such. Contraband Days is now 59 years old, and is intended to bring a celebration of our heritage to the area, as well as visitors to the state. It impacts the local economy or local businesses over 7 million dollars. You see, I thought we brought these events to help others, rather than to be burdened by additional worries like extra taxation.

I remember when our new Governor stated during his campaign that, if he were elected, there would be NO NEW TAXES.

Again, I don't understand a new tax on non-profits not being considered a new tax. These taxes apply even if the non-profit entities had previously received a letter from the state declaring that said entity was tax exempt. I guess it all comes down to what my good friend Jim Doyle always reminds me: "No good deed goes unpunished."

That's one lesson I never learned in Sunday School.