Ladies and gentlemen, start your shopping carts. A state tax free weekend starts on August 2nd and goes thru August 4th at midnight.

The state tax free weekend is being offered by 21 states and Louisiana is one of the states on the list. Keep in mind that this 'tax free weekend' is exclusive of state tax only. All federal taxes will still apply.

Of course, there are items that will not be included in the tax free shop-fest

The state tax-free weekend isn't just applicable when you go shopping at local stores, it also includes some sales made by mail order or off the internet. However,  there are some nonexempt items not included like jewelry, cosmetics, eye wear, furniture and cell phones.

The timing couldn't be better because hundreds of items will be tax exempt, including school supplies, bedding, computers, clothing, shoes, backpacks and several other essential items students will need for school.

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