According to all the retail projections, the hot item for Christmas will be drones. In a relatively short amount of time, drones have become the toy of the year and with so many unregistered mini-aircraft floating around the skies, something has to be done to address the safety of the available airspace.

According to Lake Charles Regional Airport Director Heath Allen, safety is the major concern being addressed.  Allen pointed out the fact that anybody can get a drone, but very few people have a lot of knowledge about aviation. Since these aircraft can go to altitudes over 1,000 feet, that lack of knowledge can be a real safety issue.

One of the main rules Allen pointed out was that drones shouldn't be flown within five miles of an airport. That rule has been set up by the FAA and failure to comply with that rule could lead to a world of trouble for the drone flyer. There are some hefty fines or even criminal charges for people who fail to follow that rule.

Federal officials have created a task force expected to make recommendations on registration requirements by Nov. 20..