My wife is frugal and does the coupon thing. I am not one to throw money away but I hate using coupons. It seems to me that most of the time it is for stuff we really don't normally buy or it's a different size than we would otherwise buy. I see the women with their coupon notebooks on the shopping cart as they go through the store. These people are professional shoppers! You do not want to get in their way. Bad things can happen. Last Friday at a Walmart in Florida things got tense with a coupon shopper. Mary Frances Alday has printed a dollar off coupon from the internet.She attempted to use the coupon when checking out at the Walmart. That is when things turned South.

Complete Sheet

The assistant manager of the store told Mary that they did not take coupons printed from the internet. That was not the thing to say. Mary rammed him with her shopping cart. She then went to her car and things got serious. She retrieved her .38 Special and threatened the employees before finally leaving (without using her coupon.)

The police caught up with her and had to tase her because she was going for her gun. Hey a dollar saved is a dollar earned!