Gary Shannon Shows Off The New Lake Vehicle
Gary Shannon could not wait to take the new 92.9 The Lake vehicle out and show it off. It's been a big project for a lot of people; but it has proven to be worth the wait!
92.9 The Lake had our first chance to get out and say "Hi" in the new 92...
Bench Collapse at Walmart Results in Law Suit
I am sure my lawyer friends will not appreciate me posting this. Law suits prevent us from doing lots of fun things we used to do. Now you can count on not having benches to sit on at Walmart. You'll just have to stand while you wait due to this lawsuit.
What Kind of Shopper Annoys You Most? [POLL]
I hate it when a 15 minute shopping trip turns into an hour because I am maneuvering around others who obviously think this is happy hour or a family reunion. Shopping can be so darn stressful! There are certain kinds of people who it seems are just there to piss you off...
Don Rivers Virgo (Anal) … Walmart Shopping Technique
I made the weekly trip to Walmart today. We used to go once very two weeks and spend less than we do in one week now. I'm not here to talk about prices though. I'm not really sure I'm here to talk about shopping. I am a Virgo and act exactly as expected. I am a perfectionist. Ask anyone I work with.…

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