Take The Kids On A Train Ride!
My mother looks for every opportunity to have fun with and educate her grandchildren. She has decided that a train ride would be a fantastic adventure for them. Did you know you can an Amtrak back and forth from Lafayette to Lake Charles in an afternoon for about $30 per person? What an adventure!
Tiny Travel Pillow
I recently read an article on this neat little pillow that is easy to carry when camping, traveling, in cars and even on planes. Now this pillow is a real winner in my book (my germ-free book of course)!
What Happens to Your Luggage at the Airport? [VIDEO]
I've always wondered about this.  What happens to your luggage at the airport?  What kind of ride does it take?
Well, wonder no more.  Follow a piece of luggage through a thrilling roller-coaster style ride as it traverses the inner belly of a major airport...
12 Reasons Family Vacations Are the Best [VIDEO]
Summer = Vacation = Family Vacation = mishaps, adventures, embarrassment...
Who doesn't remember the vacations you took as a kid? Or the ones where you were the parent toting around the kids. As good as the plans were, something always went wrong...
24 Unexpected Things Aboard Cruise Ships [VIDEO]
Summer is here and vacations are in abundance.  One of the most popular types of vacation and my favorites is cruising.  Out on the open water with all of the fun, food, and festivities you can handle.
On some ships, you can practice skydiving on board, try your hand at ziplining, learn to …

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