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The Eagles Inspire Domestic Violence
Turns out that not everyone loves The Eagles. I'm pretty sure we can count Vernett Bader among those that may not be too crazy about them.
Just look at her. If she told you to do something, wouldn't you jump to accomplish the deed?
Well, her roommate didn't and things got real ugly (not…
The Phenomenon of “Please Come Home for Christmas” [VIDEO]
"Bong, Bong, Bong...Bells will be ringing...
Thus begins the classic Christmas tune that folks on the I-10 corridor from Houston to New Orleans must hear before it's really Christmas. Ask any one along that 350 mile stretch of pavement and they will tell you that it wasn't just a hit, it was a m…
Joe Walsh Eyes James Gang Revival
During the ’70s, it’s safe to say that the Eagles and his solo work brought Joe Walsh most of his headlines, but the singer/guitarist says his other band, the James Gang, may see a bit of a revival if he has anything to say about it.