23% of Americans Think an MP3 is a “Star Wars” Robot
When it comes to modern technology, I'm far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I feel much smarter since reading the results of this survey form the Los Angeles Times.
Now, I use a computer just about all day, every day, and for the longest time I felt bad that I understood how to use them, b…
Kids Try to Use Rotary Phone [VIDEO]
If you have a computer question, who is the best person to ask? Why, a 12 year old, of course. They grew up with the technology and they know a lot about it.
So, what happens if you give one of those kids a piece of technology that existed before computers?
Just watch these kids try to operate a rotar…
Heather’s Website of the Day – Gadgets
There are sooooooooooo many electronic gadgets out there today.  Which one should you buy?  Which one has the features YOU need?  This site finds, scores, and recommends only the best gadgets in dozens of categories like tablets, cameras, smartphones, e-readers, and even televisions, …