10 Tips For Surviving Winter Weather In SWLA
I've lived in SWLA my whole life, and can count on one hand the number of times I've seen snow, ice-sickles, and other wintry weather wonders. Winter in SWLA usually means that during any given week you'll have 5 cold days, 1 really cold day, and 1 day warm enough to wear shorts and a…
Snow Buddy Alert System … Join Now
Here is how it works. One person sees it snowing and calls a friend or two. They then each call two or three. Before you know it the Snow Buddy Alert system or OBA has the entire city wade awake and running around like fools at three am.
Winter Weather Advisory Issued
Most people think snow in Southwest Louisiana is a reason to go outside and enjoy this very rare occurrence. It is fun until you have to drive over roads that are covered in ice. That may be what we encounter tomorrow morning so the National Weather Service has issued a warning.
Super Soaker and Boiling Water Make Snow [VIDEO]
This is one even the guys on Myth Busters haven't done. This guy filled a Super Soaker with boiling water and sprayed it. Of course, it's got to be really cold for this to work properly and I doubt we can do it around here. By really cold I mean -41 degrees.

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