My Brother Is Cooler Than Yours!
My brother is cooler than yours! That was exactly what I thought when my siblings and I got the group text from him on Sunday that included the link to this video.
24 Strange Scientific Studies [VIDEO]
Bazillions of dollars are spent each year on scientific studies.  Ever wondered what it is they are studying?  Some of it is pretty strange.
For example, one such study found that rats on cocaine prefer to listen to Miles Davis?  There's a lesson in there somewhere, but I can&apos…
10 Food Myths You Probably Believe
All too often we get carried away believing (or worse, repeating) everything we are told and don't spend enough time questioning what's actually been said. We've picked 10 very common health mantras you hear everyday and weeded out the worst of the lies, because we want you to ea…
The Real Life Science Behind James Bond’s Gadgets
In anticipation of the upcoming release of 'Skyfall,' the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise, we've explored five of our favorite Bond gadgets and put them to the test of reality. It's every guy's (and probably girl's) dream to have their own real life Q and his accompanying gadgets. But h…

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