Lake Charles Trash Bash Next Saturday
It's time to dispose of those items around the house that are not safe for regular trash pick up. Trash Bash is Saturday, April 12, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at Chennault International Airport. What can you bring to be disposed of?
Do You Recycle Christmas Wrappings? [POLL]
Hey I remember this wrapping paper with the Santa Clauses. It's the same paper I used to wrap your gift last year! The recycler has struck! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Do you re-use Christmas wrappings?
Heather’s Website of the Day – Kids Clothes
For one price, you'll get 7 complete outfits from brands like Carters, Gap and Gymboree, plus 7 sleepers and 7 onesies.  The outfits arrive washed (in environmentally friendly and baby-safe detergents) and ready to wear.  When your baby outgrows them, just send them back and get a new…
Heather’s Website of the Day – Clean the World
Partially used products have a way of collecting over time--cluttering cabinets, countertops and drawers.  Rather than throw them out, you can donate them.  Clean the World is a non-profit that collects used soaps, sanitizing them and redistributing them to other parts of the world to clea…