Drew Brees Tweets About New Addition To His Family
Drew Brees just locked in a new contract with the Saints and is getting ready for the upcoming football season.  Things couldn’t be better for Drew and his family. Well yesterday, it got a little better.  Drew Brees took a little time off to welcome in a new addition to his family.
Drew Brees and hi…
NFL Bounty Hunters
Let the witch hunt begin! The scapegoats of the NFL, our New Orleans Saints appeals hearing is now under way! Starring Roger Goodell as "The Inquisitor."  The featured players will be on hand as well. The guys taking the fall for something that all NFL teams do are:
NLF Bounties – Your Opinion
So, let's get this straight. Out of all the teams in the NFL, only the New Orleans Saints had a bounty program.  What else can one conclude when the Saints are the only team with a penalty?
Over the years there have been some pretty violent teams...
Saints Investigated By NFL and Brees Tagged!
Not a great time for the New Orleans Saints..They are about five-million short on the number Brees has in mind and now it turns out that they may have encouraged...let's call it "rough play" (GASP) on the field. We're talking like rough with a bonus if anyone should get h…

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