McNeese Tight End Plans To Enter NFL Draft
LSU has lost many athletes to the NFL draft and knows how it feels to lose players who still had college eligibility remaining. McNeese State Tight End Nic Jacobs would sure be a big part of the Cowboys offense next year ... but he may be playing on Sundays instead of Saturdays.
Who Dat Voodoo Seals Saints Win
Let's face it. New Orleans is all about mystique. It is the Vampire capitol of the United States. I would venture to guess it is also the Voodoo capitol. I want to share my Saints Voodoo story with you.
Sean Payton Puts Seahawks Logo on Saints Practice Field
We all use visual stimulation to help us perform. Young disc jockeys put a picture of their wives or girlfriends in the studio to help them work on "one to one" communication. Some people put a picture of a morbidly obese person on the refrigerator to scare themselves into dieting. You pro…
Why Was Garrett Hartley Released [POLL]
The NFL is definitely a "what have you done for me lately" employer. Garrett Hartley won a lot of games for the Saints; yet was released yesterday. Yes he missed some kicks lately; but the Saints are 10-4 this year with him as a kicker. Was he really released for performance or to …
Houston Texans Fire Head Coach Kubiak
Most of the time NFL coaches are fired in the off-season. That will not be the case of the team with the worse record in professional football. ESPN is reporting the Houston Texans have fired Gary Kubiak.

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