Payton Refuses To Take Shots At Goodell
According to WWL New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton refused to even answer questions about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Price issue. Goodell is the person behind Payton's previous one year suspension yet Payton takes the high road.
Brees and Stingy Saints Defense Defeat Colts Again
Yes Drew Brees had a nice night at 9 for 15 with two touchdown passes and Jimmy Graham hauled in a 38 yard scamper. It was great! It was not the best part of the game though.
The best part of the day was watching a Saints defense that held an opponent to only two touchdowns while creating turnovers..…
LSU Sends 11 to NFL Combine in Indianapolis
LSU will be represented by 11 former players at this year's NFL combine. The combine takes place February 22nd-25th. This a chance for prospective draft picks to show what they can do and talk to NFL team officials.
Thursday Night Football on CBS in 2014
In the past you had to have the NFL Network to watch Thursday night football. That meant a trip to the sports bar for me when the Saints played on Thursday nights. Next year the games will be on broadcast TV on CBS. I will watch them in my recliner.  My guess would be that the advertisers did not li…

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