Bad Lip Reading – NFL 2015 [VIDEO]
I'm sure its no great revelation that I'm not a big sports fan.  When I find the TV on a sporting event, my mind often wanders from the game or match or whatever it is to anything else happening on the screen.
What I wonder about a lot are are the conversations the players and coaches …
Watch More Bad Lip Reading NFL Style
Yeah, I know it's not football season, but the NFL just lends itself to bad lip reading so well, that I just had to share this with you.
In case you're not familiar with the Youtube sensation known as Bad Lip Reading, the idea is simple; just turn off the sound and figure out what it looks …
What is Jimmy Grahams Status?
New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton does not like to talk about the status of players who have injuries. He does not want to give information to opposing teams. We all understand that; but we want to know what's going on with Jimmy Graham.

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