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Spagnuolo Spanked! Saints Release Defensive Coach
You knew it was coming. The players were grumbling and the fans were screaming. The worst defense in NFL history is not something that endears players to their coach.This comes from a team only two seasons removed from a Superbowl championship...
Amazing Kicker—Saints, Are You Watching? [VIDEO]
Many an NFL game has been won (or lost) by a kicker. We've all see one of our favorite teams walk away empty handed when, for the want of one extra point, our team lost. I just wonder where the bidding war is going to start for this guy!
Making a regular point after or field goal would not be mu…
Sean Payton “Dances” [NSFW VIDEO]
Suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has certainly had an interesting year.  First, there was the suspension by the NFL for a year for the big bounty round-up, he had to give up a big chunk of change. Add to that, the fact that he has  filed for divorce . there must be some place to g…
NFL Bounty Hunters
Let the witch hunt begin! The scapegoats of the NFL, our New Orleans Saints appeals hearing is now under way! Starring Roger Goodell as "The Inquisitor."  The featured players will be on hand as well. The guys taking the fall for something that all NFL teams do are:
Parcells Not Likely Saints’ Replacement Coach
The question of whether or not Bill Parcells would step in for Sean Payton looks like it has been answered and that answer is, "No."
Speculation was pretty high that Parcells would take over the temporary position while Payton serves out his year-long suspension, but Parcells is now saying …
NLF Bounties – Your Opinion
So, let's get this straight. Out of all the teams in the NFL, only the New Orleans Saints had a bounty program.  What else can one conclude when the Saints are the only team with a penalty?
Over the years there have been some pretty violent teams...

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