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Saints Get Excellent Wide Receiver In First Round
Did Drew Brees need another target. Did the Saints need more speed at wide receiver? They got both last night as the saints moved up to the 20th pick in the NFL draft and took Brandin Cooks Cooks (a Biletnikoff Award winner) from Oregon State.
NFL Playoff Schedule
Here we are at the tail end of the NFL season and there are some great match-ups on the way to see just who will be playing in the game of all games.
Here is the schedule for the playoffs
Saints Celebrate Gleason Gras [VIDEO]
Everybody remembers the biggest Saints Vs Falcons game ever. The Saints returning to the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina. It is the first game back and on a nationally televised Monday night game they face the Falcons. It was a night that Steve Gleason will never forget and nor will Saints fans.

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