CLECO Customers May Have No Utility Bill In July!
It's like Christmas in July for Cleco customers! The company is giving them a $475 credit on their bills. It could amount to a zero balance not just for July. If your bill isn't that much, the balance will roll over until the amount is depleted. So, how do you know if you qualify?
Saving $ on RX Glasses
Buying online, no matter what the product, is growing in popularity.  It often makes things easier on the buyer since you save time and often save money.  Even buying prescription glasses for yourself, your family including your kid's,  nowadays is not much harder than ordering a…
Where In “The Middle” Do You Fall?
All this talk about budget deficits, billions of dollars, and the possibility that the TOPS award my son has worked so hard for may disappear has had my anxiety level at migraine-producing levels all week. I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power, so I started doing some research into what d…

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