LSU Police Arrest Suspect in Bomb Threat
It took almost no time for authorities to nab a suspect in Monday's LSU bomb threat that lead to an evacuation of the LSU campus. Here is a picture of the suspect, William "Boobie" Bouvay Jr.
Here's the thing boys and girls; law enforcement folks now have a million and two ways to catch you…
AP and Coaches Rank LSU #3
LSU Whipped North Texas 41-14 Saturday night and are off to a 1-0 start. The latest polls are out and
LSU has impressed the AP ,  but USA Today saw it differently.
Tiger Stadium Gets a Makeover
LSU fans will enjoy a new and improved appearance to legendary Tiger Stadium when the 2012 LSU football season gets underway on September 1.
Here are the details of the makeover from LSU Spots official release:

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