Calcasieu Parish OEP Prepares for Ebola Just in Case
The Calcasieu Parish Office Of Emergency Preparedness is making contingency plans for Ebola. I think we can all agree that the planning in Dallas was faulty and it now seems New York is facing the same thing. It would be really nice to know we are prepared here!
Ebola Toys Sell Out
Forget the latest Elmo, video game, or tablet. Your kid really wants a plush Ebola toy this Christmas. Really? It would seem so as the company making them says they are sold out.
Ebola Travel and Charter Funding Poll Results
This week's polls dealt with a possible travel ban due to Ebola and whether or not you thought public funding should go to charter schools. You were very clear on both issues.
With the possibility that a Texas healthcare worker could now have Ebola and the first transmission of the disease on U.…
Are You In Favor of an Ebola Travel Ban [POLL]
Would a travel ban on those coming from West Africa keep us safe from Ebola? Would that stop travelers who entered through other countries? Is there a better way to prevent Ebola from spreading? What do you think? Take our poll.
Ebola Spreading and NCIS New Orleans — Lake Area Poll Results
Health and entertainment were 92.9 The Lake poll issues this week. We ask about your thoughts on NCIS New Orleans and the possible spread of Ebola into Louisiana. Here is what you said.
Only 33% of our poll takers said the accents on NCIS New Orleans did not sound like they were from New Orleans and …