downtown at sundown

Downtown at Sundown Returns
Spring always means the return of the very popular series of free concerts in Downtown Lake Charles.
Here is a list of all the great acts that will be performing this year.
Downtown At Sundown Returns to Lake Charles Firday Nights
It all starts Friday may 16th at six. The streets of downtown Lake Charles will be filled by the live music from Downtown at Sundown. Plan to spend some fun Friday nights watching the sun sink over the lake. The City of Lake Charles has released this year's Downtown At Sundown schedule.
Downtown At Sundown Returns Tonight!
Forget about going home and parking in front of the tube on Friday nights. Downtown comes alive for the next four Friday nights with Downtown at Sundown. Enjoy great live music from six till nine starting tonight! Grab a lawn chair and join your friends downtown on the 800 block of Ryan Street.

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