They wrestle alligators. The wade in snake infested water. They defy death at every turn.  Makes sense that they would get in a wreck and not get hurt! Other than a whole lot of "Swamp People" merchandise being scattered all over the road, they came out none the worse for wear.

The accident happened when two of the "Swamp People" stars were stopped for a highway flagman on U.S. 71 in Arkansas.


The swampers in question were Joe "Trapper Joe"  LaFont and  Tommy "Trigger" Chauvin.

Arkansas State Police say three people suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries in Monday's crash on U.S. 71.

Tommy, Joe and the driver of another car all stopped when they saw the flagman but the car that caused the accident just plain didn't stop. The result was a four car pile up in which three people were injured (none life threatening).

Wonder if they captured the driver, taped his mouth. Also no word on whether anyone one was yelling "Choot 'em"

Good thing they're easy going guys. Just don't think I'd want to anger a person that goes out looking for 'gators to wrestle!

Glad they're all okay. "Swamp People" has been a runaway hit on the History Channel for several years.

Thanks to the Texarkana Gazette for being on the story and providing the facts.

Glad it had a happy ending too!

Information from: Texarkana Gazette,