You may not care who won the game but who doesn't love overpriced, over-hyped advertising? Here are the Top 5 Ads according to 92.9 The Lake

Aaron Penley
Hulton Archive


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    M &Ms -- Wiggle, Wiggle

    Oh...By now we all know that YouTube comments can get a bit raw to say the least. We didn't post the comments...It was the Yellow M&M!

    Ah the poor M & M ... Had to resort to nudity to get attention. Whatever happened to the good old days when candy kept it's clothes on?

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    Doritos -- Sling Baby

    Let's face it, we'd all much rather see the other kids pull the brat down and smack her!

    Funny ad, but I'll be willing to bet more than a few hand-wringers  (is that even a word?) are composing poison pen letters to the Doritos folks all teary-eyed about how some parents may try this at home.  I hope the Doritos folks respond with, "Not everyone is as stupid as you." Besides, kids toys are dangerous to adults too. If you have (had) kids, watch this and remember...

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    Skechers -- Go Run, aka Mr. Quigley

    "Know why men like dogs so much? Because they won't tell on you" -- Brother Dave Gardner

    I think Super Bowl ads have more dogs per year than ads made for actual dog related products! Beer adverts especially like to link man's best friend with mans favorite beverage. Why not have a beer for dogs?

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    Volkswagen -- Dog Strikes Back

    What? More Dogs??

    Proving our point about dogs in ads! However, from an advertising point of view, the Volkswagen message kind of gets lost in the shuffle. The Darth Vader reference at the end is cool though. Remember that ad? Here it is to refresh your memory.

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    Dorito's -- Man's Best Friend

    Warning..This ad contains dogs! There's a big shock!

    Dogs were all over the place this year... I guess everyone loves dogs and they were the most memorable things in most of the top ads this year. Dogs are easy to train -- just watch this video and you'll see what I mean.