I like to think of myself as a man of many talents. I'm not, but I like to think of myself as one. One (of many) talents I do not possess is photography.

Above, you see a darn good shot of the moon if I do say so myself. I can say it's a good picture without fear of being accused of bragging because I didn't take the picture. I'll give credit for that shot to Mike Tansey. I don't know Mike, but he posted the picture on Flickr and was nice enough to share his talent with us.

Now that we've established what is good photography, let's take a look at my efforts.


I use a custom made camera built especially for me. It takes pictures the way I see things without my glasses. Looks like a picture of a flashlight taken from across the lake.


Okay, let me stress that this is not just the same picture as the first. I took enough bad pictures that I don't feel the need to repeat them.



On this shot, I decided to use the "flash." Notice how, while this shot is as bad as the other two, it's a tad bit lighter? Notice that it doesn't look like a shot of a flashlight? Notice how it looks like every picture looks like every picture you've ever seen of Bigfoot!

What other talents do I lack? Well, let me give you a quote, "Gary's dancing can best be described as workman-like." Do not expect me to post a video to corroborate that statement.