Like a whisper and with a few drops of rain the Summer of 2016 slipped away in the darkness last night. Fall is truly finally in the air midway through October here in the tropics.

The bright sunny forecast with cool breezy afternoon temps through the weekend put me in mind of yardwork, road trips, enjoying a lunch at one of these trendy spots with tables outside on the sidewalk, or even just lazing around the house (like I usually do).

The cooler weather asks for firewood and opens the closet to the flannel section next to the sweaters. Today market goers will reach for boxes of hot chocolate from the store shelf unless you still know how to make homemade hot chocolate on the stove.

Tonight at the high school football games smart booster club operators will have plenty of the makings for ‘frito-pies’ and the action on the field will seem a little faster, a little louder, a lot better.

The Summer of ’16 won’t likely be missed – the unending presidential campaign, the floods in Baton Rouge, the riots the violence the brutality against each-other in the streets. Goodbye and good riddance. It’s getting cooler, ev’body. Be Cool.

I’m already looking forward to turkey and all the fixin’s in a few weeks and the Thanksgiving afternoon Dallas Cowboy game as well as the new Turkey tradition of watching A&M play LSU; in Kyle Field this year.

Oh and the weather reminds me it’s Christmas shopping time. So enough tickling the computer keyboard with these rambling somewhat obvious observations – it’s beautiful outside my office window and under the pretense of shopping for a new in-dash sound system – I’m going out and drive around in it.

Welcome fall, glad you could make it. Summer’s Over.