My mom used to talk about people who would argue with a sign that just said, 'No.' Well, people can argue about just about anything, but these are the dumbest arguments you've ever heard.

There's some great voyeuristic joy in overhearing two strangers argue in public.  Especially when they're arguing over something really stupid.

Here are a few of the best (or worst) things people were overheard getting red in the face about.



1.  "I overheard a couple breaking up in a bar.  Eventually, it became clear that things were ending because the guy refused to back down on his position that, quote, 'RODNEY DANGERFIELD is a misunderstood genius.'"


2.  "I saw two guys get into a heated argument on a train over the answer when you multiply 70 times two."

I'm dying to know what the alternative answer was.

3.  "I heard two men at a bus stop get into an argument over whether Whopper With Cheese or Cheese Whopper is the proper name for the sandwich at Burger King."

4.  "I live across the street from some strippers.  One night they got into a loud, public fight over who got to wear the, quote, 'sexy red panties' on stage that night.  Eventually Diamond won."

5. Overheard to guys arguing about the middle east. One of the geniuses pointed out that 'it was one of the poor countries like Egypt.

Yeah, if you don't count all those billionaires.