Okay, right up front, let's say that if we have to tell you not to try this at home, perhaps you should stop watching videos on the internet and get some really serious help. to say that this stunt is dangerous and potentially deadly is a gross understatement.

We don't know any of the background on the person doing the stunt, but we're pretty sure he's either very daring or completely insane. The set-up is pretty simple to explain; the guy built a ramp, set it on fire and drove his truck up the flaming ramp into a pond. Of course, flames are everywhere and the vehicle looks as though it's on fire as well as it leaves the ramp. At the very last minute our hero jumps from the flaming truck into the pond.

I remember thinking I was quite the daredevil when I rode my bicycle over a ramp and jumped a ditch. I now withdraw my nomination as a daredevil. This guy, with noting to gain, really put his life at risk for a pretty inadvisable stunt. Still, having said all that, it is pretty darn cool to watch.