It's hard to believe that some people don't see any reason to buckle up before they drive or ride in a vehicle. The stories about people who would have died if they had been wearing their seat belts are few and far between and some are downright myths.

The fact is that, whether you like to buckle up or not, seat belts really do save lives. Which would you rather do in a car wreck; bump your nose on the steering wheel or go through the windshield? I'll go for the nose bump anytime.

Police in Hartford Connecticut have a little ride the call the "Convincer" and it's quite simple. The Convincer simulates the effect of a car crash at only 5 mph, and you can tell from watching the students who take a ride on it that the impact is a lot more than they expected.

As you watch the jolt these kids get at only 5 mph, think about what it must look like at only 20 mph. that's the speed limit in a school zone. Imagine highway speeds and. one hopes, you'll get the idea. One student was offered the chance to ride the Convincer without a seat belt and he, very intelligently declined. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.