Daniel Shirey
Getty Images News

The message from the Louisiana State Legislature is pretty clear. Be prepared to show proof of insurance or your car will get a free ride behind a tow truck (like 'Mater in the picture) That's a pretty stiff penalty and it could run into money even on a first violation.

The bill, sponsored by State Representative Raymond Garafalo, repeals the law currently on the books. Basically, the old law states that if the uninsured car poses no imminent danger, then police can't tow the car. The new law, given final approval by a 28-3 vote in the House, says that police can now tow your car on the first violation even if the car is being operated in a safe manner. Bottom line: If you don't have car insurance, get it before this law goes into full effect.

right now about one quarter of the cars on the road in the state do not have insurance.  The state of Louisiana will charge you for that when you get your license renewed. There will also, no doubt, be a fine if you are caught. Add to that the cost of getting your car away from "Mater and the cost of actually going out and getting insurance and you could be looking at quite an outlay of cash.

I'd write more but I'm going out to make sure my insurance card is in my car!