And now -- more of your favorites stars who have gone afoul of the law. There are a couple in here that will make you say, "He was arrested?'

Last week, we had a mug shot of Stephen Tyler looking like a young Mick Jagger. We decided to give the real Mick Jagger his own spot with this 1972 mug shot.

Prince Rogers Nelson - Don't know what the charges were. He doesn't look happy about it.

Larry King was arrested??? CNN personality Larry King was arrested in December 1971 in Miami, Florida and charged with grand larceny. King, 38 at the time, was unable to pay back money he owed a financier he was doing some work for.

The late Jim Morrison in one of his several mug shots. this one is actually pre-Doors

Tim Allen was a real bad boy back in his college days. Seems he was making extra college money selling drugs.