Football just doesn't get any better than this. I've seen some pretty amazing "Hail Mary" passes especially back in the Days of Roger Staubach when he would air out a ball that just soared through the sky and hit his receiver, but I've never seen any football play that even comes close to this.

The play took place in the third quarter of the Stanford/UCLA match-up when Standford ran a flea flicker play. It's hard to describe since I'm not a football announcer , but basically, Stanford running back Christian McCaffery took the snap from a shotgun formation then tossed to ball to fellow running back Bryce Love. Love then pitched the ball back to quarterback Kevin Hogan who launched the ball toward the end zone.

The thing is, intended receiver Francis Owusu wasn't even almost in the clear. In fact, if one person can surround another, Owusu was surrounded by UCLA's Jaleel Wadood and Owusu couldn't even really see the ball, but, as you can see, he knew where the ball should be. Owusu wrapped his arms around Wadood and made the most amazing catch I've ever seen. Owusu pinned the ball to Wadood's back and held on as they fell to the ground.

The press is calling this the "play of the year." Heck, I've been watching football for a long time and I've never seen a play like this. Check it out. By the way, this clip is the property of ESPN.