Jon Stewart calls Bruce Springsteen a "phony patriot". Not my place to take sides on a political issue. I try to stay away from politics on any level especially in these times of almost epidemic polarization.  Having said that...


In a recent interview, Jon Stewart accused Bruce Springsteen of being a "phony patriot".   It's what is not said in that statement that bothers me most.

Sure,  Jon Stewart is free to say what he wants. It's the attitude of  Stewart that bothers me most.  The inference seems to be that no one could possibly be a real patriot. Stewart seems to be saying, "Oh, please, that whole "God and Country" thing is so passe. Get hip".

Stewart' s smarmy attitude that he is a famous talk show host and therefore he has some sort of sense of truth that us "plain folk" could never hope to have. Springsteen did a very admirable job of  addressing the subject.

Here's the rest of the story..

Bruce Springsteen is defending himself from those who called him a phony patriot. “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart interviewed Springsteen for Rolling Stone, and The Boss said he won’t change what he writes about or tone down his political views just because it’s what others want. He said, “Lately, it seems as if the polarization of the country has gotten so extreme that people want to force you into being either a phony ‘patriot’ or an ‘apologist.’ Nuanced political dialogue or creative expression seems like it’s been hamstrung by the decay of political speech and it’s infantilized our national discourse. I can’t go for that and I won’t write that way.” He added that “We Take Care Of Our Own,” “Wrecking Ball’s” first single, was meant to “challenge and ask questions”. He also admitted his new album was a continuation of the themes and philosophy’s he’s had for 30 years.