Ever watch one of those prescription drug commercials and think that maybe the side effects are worse than what the drug is supposed to help?

It's getting to the point where "the latest research" shows that nothing is good for us. Either we need to research these drugs and supplements more before they hit the open market or, just stop doing research.

The latest thing that may not be good for you is Vitamin "C."

Here's the study:

According to a new study, men who take vitamin C supplements may face an increased risk of kidney stones.  Specifically, men who take high doses of vitamin C could be twice as likely to suffer from the painful condition, in which masses of crystals clog the urinary tract.  Experts say that vitamin C is broken down by the body into a substance called oxelate, which is a component of kidney stones.  While vitamin C is available in 1,000-milligram doses, this far exceeds the government-recommended daily amount.
In other news, research found a potential link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency.  Every 10% increase in body mass index, or BMI, was associated with a 4% drop in available vitamin D in the body.  Vitamin D is stored in the body’s fatty tissue; experts believe excess fat may prevent the vitamin from circulating in the bloodstream.