A few months back, we had the story of a man that awoke from a coma and didn't know who he was. While that was a strange story, I think the odd case of Paul Fronczak is quite compelling as well.

Paul Fronczak was kidnapped when he was a new born at a Chicago hospital. Happily, Paul was returned to his very happy parents about two years later, and life went on for the Fronczak family.

But the story continues...and it turns out that the child returned to the Fronczak family, who is now a 49 and has a family of his own, was not their kidnapped son. So -- Who is this guy?

Today, we hear of cold cases being solved years or even decades after the event. It's fairly rare to hear of a 'solved' case going cold, but that's what has happened.

Sure, thanks to forensics, a lot of really bad people get caught. Not only that, but a lot of convicted people get released. This case is one for the record books.

The FBI has reopened the case of the 1964 kidnapping of Paul Fronczak now that DNA evidence has shown that the kidnapped child, now a grown man, could not possibly be the kidnapped child. It's a mystery with many levels.

Fronczak always wondered why he didn't look like either of his parents so, he had his DNA test and found that he was not Paul Fronczak. Ponder that puzzle for a moment and the questions are endless.

What happened to the real kidnapped child? Who was the kidnapper? Of course, the man wants to know who really is and who were his parents? Did his parents have a child kidnapped and replaced by the real Paul Fronczak.

It makes one's head spin. I hope they can untangle this knot. I'll keep you posted.