I got a panicked call from a co-worker: “OMG George! Sylvester Stallone just died!!” Whoa, oh no I thought: ‘no more ADRIAAAN!” and in the same week as Gene Wilder…

I turned to FBook… no one had posted about Stallone… “I’ll be the first” I’ll break the news!

To get a few background facts, date and place of birth, etc., I did a search for Sylvester Stallone – the first article that came up was one about his death being a hoax! What?! Oh, good… whew! I was relieved – of course I don’t personally know Stallone but who wants to start a 3-day weekend with news like this?

That’s how rumors start.

And in 2016 the internet has the power to propel these rumors around the world in the blink of an eye.

For the record: Miley Cyrus is alive and is not moving to Lake Charles. Typing your PIN in reverse at the ATM does NOT summon the police. Pokémon Go does not read your emails. Jim Carrey has not died in a snowboarding accident (it’s still summer, remember?). Gas station gift key chains are not trackers to follow you home, they’re just cheap promotional advertising. The Loch Ness monsters carcass has not washed up on a California beach. Children in day-care are not having microchips implanted under their skin and finally there was not a green moon back on April 20th, 2016 as wildly predicted by the internet.

So there, take a deep breath – pick up plenty of hot dog buns and chips and keep all the beverages on ice because we WILL have a 3 day weekend for sure.

Rocky Lives. Happy Labor Day.