In 2016 what's the most aggravating thing you can imagine? Traffic jams and a slow internet connection certainly ranks right up there with squalling cats outside your windows at night, yes?

Pity rural DeRidder residents.

It’s not exactly Pony Express slow but it could be a lot faster – DeRidder residents outside the city limits in largely rural areas are demanding faster internet.  They’re circulating a petition (because it will arrive faster than they can send email).

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The main issue is they’re in a sort of ‘dead-zone’ between high speed providers current reach and have to rely on satellite internet which can be spotty under cloudy skies and typically is always a measured and limited service that can quickly get expensive the longer you're online.

Residents need to show a minimum of 20 potential users per mile to make it worth a traditional wire providers time and money to supply the area with high-speed services.

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Area residents who are circulating the petition and others will be knocking on doors in these areas Saturday in an effort to get the petition rolling.  So if you live in these rural areas listen for the knock for progress this weekend. For information or to sign the petition 337-263-0567