Ages ago, I had a chance to parachute out of an airplane. I was working for KLOU and we were asked if we'd like to parachute as part of the show. Now, I have to tell you that i have never been fond of flying much less jumping out of an airplane, but I very, very reluctantly agreed. A few days before the air show, my boss decided that I needed to be on the air not in the air and another announcer replaced me in the great parachute jump.

The day of the air show rolled around all the guys went up in the plane to parachute to the ground below. Almost everyone who jumped came back talking about what a blast the experience turn out to be. I say almost because the guy who replaced me in the jump didn't really enjoy his skydiving experience since, when he landed he broke both legs.

The skydiver in this video is an instructor and her object was to show students just how flammable a parachute is. She jumped out of the plane and shot her parachute with a small flame-thrower! The chute was toast in just a matter of seconds and she opened her reserve chute and drifted down. I call this an insane move, but you can tell she's very cool about it. Great action video!