One drawback to living in the 'sunny south' is the sun itself and the ever present danger of skin cancer.

We've all heard the warnings, but, with summer on the way, they do bear repeating.

Skin cancer doesn't care how old or young you are and you don't have to bake yourself in the sun to get skin cancer.

Speaking of things that bear repeating: ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Here are a few other things about skin cancer.



What you are looking for is what is commonly referred to as the ABDCEs of melanoma: asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolving.

  1. Examine your face, especially around the nose, lips, mouth and ears. Use both mirrors to see all around your ears.
  2. Inspect your scalp completely. You can use the blow dryer and a mirror to expose each section.
  3. Check your hands carefully. All over. Palms, backs, between fingers and under fingernails. Include your wrists and forearms.
  4. Now use the full-length mirror to examine your elbows, upper arms and your underarms.
  5. Next, focus on your neck, chest and torso. Don’t forget to lift breasts and look underneath.
  6. Inspect your back using the hand mirror and the full-length mirror. Look closely at the back of your neck and shoulders as well.
  7. While still using the mirrors, take a look at your lower back, buttocks and backs of both your legs.
  8. Finally, sit down and prop each leg up on a stool or chair so you can examine your legs and feet. Check everything completely around, even between toes and under toenails. You’ll also need to use the hand mirror to help you examine your genital area.