I don't know about you, but I can go through a day and barely use my phone yet, my battery really runs down like I'm on the phone all day. Sound familiar? Well, here are 6 tips for prolonging your battery life between charges.

1.  Location services.  Tagging your location zaps your battery life. Just disable it if you don't really need it.

2.  Push notifications.  Every notification that lights up your lock screen reduces your battery. Your phone uses even more power if it's set to vibrate or make noise.

3.  A bright screen.  The lighter your screen, the more energy it's eating.

4.  Automatic connections.  Most phones automatically try to connect to a network, and that uses power.  You can switch to airplane mode to save some battery life, and turn off wi-fi until you need it.

5.  Apps.  Just HAVING apps takes power, even if you never use them. There are also apps that help you optimize battery life.

6.  Temperature.  You're supposed to try to keep your phone cool.  The warmer it is, the more energy it's using.