Little League Baseball was a big part of my life as a child and as an adult. I played all during my childhood and then coached for 9 years while my son played. This weekend he sent me a link to a site with 29 signs that you played Little League Baseball. I thought I would share some with you.



1.You miss getting a trophy just for showing up (actually I only remember this happening in tee ball)

2.You still have sunflower seeds stuck in your teeth (and maybe in you shorts pockets if you coached.)

3.You said "good game" so much that the words have lost all meaning. (you know kids hated telling the other team this after loosing by double digits.)

4. You believe any problem can be solved by the awesome power of the rally cap!

5.You believe every good performance should be rewarded with a snow cone.

6. And in the modern era ... You know the feeling of having your own baseball card.

There are actually 29 of these and they are hilarious. See the rest of the list here.