A lot of  rock bands branch out. Many rockers have their own lines of guitars, drums and keyboards.  A few of the younger female artists even have clothing and perfume lines.

Styx ( pictured doing rock and roll cliche # 7: guitarist standing in "battle formation" making it look like it's hard work pushing down those strings) have announced their own line of Styx Jewelery! I can't help but notice that none of them seem to be wearing any in their pictures so I wondered .."What kind of jewelery"...I discovered that they use the word "jewelery" in a very broad sense.....


Styx has developed a new line with jewelry designer Diana Warner. The Diana Warner for Styx Collection has gone on sale via the band’s website. Items include gunmetal and antique gold dog tag necklaces, rose gold and antique silver guitar pick earrings and gold and silver charms featuring the lyrics to “Come Sail Away.” A second collection will be made available next year.



Sting Debuts Free App
Sting has launched a free app for the iPad. The singer introduced “STING 25” in honor of his 25-year solo career at the Apple Store in New York’s Upper West Side on Monday. The “Appumentary” is a digital documentary of Sting’s career. It features over four hours of music videos, concert footage, interviews and more. Sting says he’s releasing it for free “because we don’t know how much it’s worth.” The app also has video from Sting’s 60th birthday party-concert last month at New York’s Beacon Theatre, which featured performances with Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga. At Monday’s event, Sting performed the song “Fragile,” dedicating it to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and saying, “In some way he’s created our future.” The App is Here


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Sly Stone Cuts A Deal On Cocaine Charge

Sly Stone has copped a plea deal on his cocaine charges that will keep him out of jail. TMZ reports that the 68-year-old Family Stone singer pled no contest yesterday to the charges, which stem from an April 1st arrest when he was picked up for carrying cocaine. As a result of the plea, Stone will complete 60 days of rehab in addition to the 30 he’s already done. If he completes his rehab on time, the judge will dismiss the case without probation.





Sly Stone Today-Better Living Through Chemistry

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