What's going on?

Rainy Day Thoughts
As I was driving in this morning I saw at least one person walking without benefit of a raincoat or umbrella.
It's Officially Summer
A recent survey indicates that 67% of us are looking forward to summer more this year than in the past few years.
You're Wearing That?!
I know that I’ve had days when I’d pick my clothes the night before, but then didn’t feel like wearing them the following day.
Avenue of Flags
This Memorial Day in Lake Charles, American flags will line the entrance and “roadway” throughout the Orange Grove/Graceland Cemetery on Broad Street.
Out Of My Mind On A Monday Moanin'
Could be moanin’ indeed as I entertain a new “friend” named “Arthur-itis” this morning. It certainly isn’t from over exercising!
Blasts From My Past
The big blast came last week. I was goofing off on Facebook, and was on the page of the Army hospital where I recovered from the injuries suffered in Vietnam.
Dave vs Technology
Have Dave's computer problems finally been solved? Definitely maybe.
Dave vs. Technology
The latest episode in Dave's epic, ongoing struggle with technology.
It's The World Series
This is certainly a great time of year for sports fans. The NFL season is almost half over, the NBA is starting, the NHL is playing too, and tonight baseball’s World Series begins.